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Unholy Ground: An Inspector Matt Minogue Mystery [John Brady] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Sergeant Matt Minogue of Dublin's.
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These are reviews of the first three books from major reviewers.

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This is a series that wears well. Dublin is his home and readers will enjoy visiting this wonderful city.

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Acting on honed instinct, he flies to the border at Ulster in hopes of preventing another sacrifice to the cause. This is where the curtain falls on the last act of a tragic drama involving many characters, each so skillfully realized that one virtually sees and hears them as human in this extraordinary novel. Before a leading MP and various others are toppled, the Murder Squad will investigate IRA factions and rabid ecology groups—plus delicately pressuring the Archbishop of Dublin for privileged information.

A handsomely written, dark journey into Irish politics and English duplicity. Brady is a master of the telling detail, and within the framework of the political novel, has created memorable characters, most especially the estimable Minogue.

Unholy Ground

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Unholy Ground

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Snow White Must Die read epub? British diplomat and former spymaster faces ruin if he does not betray his country. What more you could you want from a radio detective? Was the boot rinsed between the time it was found and the time it was laid out on plastic near the scene, thus removing a possible crystalline crust on the bottom?

Inspector Matt Minogue

In the in situ picture the boot is dry; on plastic it is wet; both photos were presumably taken on the day Prosecutor Pitti and her team arrived at Altos Los Romeros epub. Rated 4. Related Posts Fallout Tito Ihaka. Brick: An unputdownable gritty thriller Stanley Young Is Planning a Murder.