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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is an ever-advancing technology. Since its growth in MRI has been rapid culminating in it becoming the preferred imaging.
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For a large company, there is a very close-knit feel.

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It was really important to me to have the resources I needed to support me in my early career. I have very experienced colleagues who could support me and I could learn from. What do you enjoy most about your role at InHealth? My role as a MRI radiographer allows me to utilise and expand my knowledge and skills to benefit patients who rely on me to be instrumental in their recovery. You work 12 hours a day with people so they either make or break you.

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What development opportunities have you had since starting at InHealth? Growing up in the States you learn one healthcare system and so the NHS is a foreign concept for me. Being able to introduce myself to a different concept of healthcare using e-learning provided by InHealth and helped me gain confident. Being from the US, it was incredibly useful for me to enrol in some of the certification courses provided by InHealth. I feel it helped me to familiarise myself with the protocols and standards of healthcare expected in Britain.

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How has this helped develop you as a person or in your career? I have gained a deeper understanding of the amount of stress that our patients experience before having an MRI due to unknown causes of their health problems.

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I work on trying to make patients feel comfortable, calm and confident while in my care. Join our journey. During MR safety week we will be publishing features and links on the website to support the professional development of Radiographers in MRI and promote best practice and excellence in MRI safety.

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